Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 262...Opening Day of Snow Whites Birthday Surprises!!

Lots of fun at our house today!! It was opening day at the theater for Snow Whites Birthday Surprises!! Both John and Jack came to support the girls for their big first day. Carson and Grandma will be here on Saturday.
Last year I started a tradition of giving the girls a piece of jewelry on opening day of the show! Kind of a good luck charm. They were thrilled this morning when they each got a new ring. Maddie's is the blue pinkie ring and Makenna the purple flower. Super proud of them for working so hard, memorizing their lines, and doing a great job!! Love you girls!!
Maddie in action on the stage as Dwarf #3. She is very energetic 
and you can tell is really enjoying herself. 

Makenna as Snow White during the Birthday scene!! She loves the gowns and dressing up as Snow White. She also loves seeing the kids after the show!!

The girls together on stage!! 
Last year when Makenna was a cat in Peter Rabbit Maddie desperately wanted to be in the play too. This year she made it !! So great to have both of my girls on the stage together!!

We ended the afternoon with a picnic at the park to celebrate opening day!! 

Would love to see you at the play:
New Dawn Theater: 3087 Main Street
Snow Whites Birthday Surprises
February 23- March 10th
11:00am Thurs/Fri/Sat.
call 678-887-5015

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