Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 268... Piccadilly Circus

Half Off Depot had a fabulous deal for the Piccadilly Circus today. $19 for 2 adults and 4 kids plus an additional 29% off for Leap Day. Averages out to under $3 per head. LOVE great deals like this. Generally we try to do things that are mostly free.. I figured this deal was to good to pass up. 
Waiting for the show to begin. 
Not happy because I would not spend crazy amounts of money on junk food. He obsessed the entire time we were there. I think the other three have finally realized that when I say NO I mean NO.. Not spending money on over priced snacks. $8 popcorn, $6 snow-cones and $12-$15 cotton candy. 
Having a great time at the show!!

The boys favorite part.. The motorcycles.
Maddie loved the ponies!!
The strong man show

The Grand Finale. 
A fun show! Is it Ringling Brothers? No not at all. It is however a cute circus for the money. It reminds me of the circus shows I have seen from the old days where they come to town for the day A fancy dog and pony show with some elephants, a white tiger, and some motorcycles thrown in.  

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