Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 248.... Hand Puppets

Tonight Carson had an assignment from school to make a hand puppet for Black History Month. He chose David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox.  I figured we might as well kill two birds with one stone and all make hand puppets. 

 We are extremely fortunate that I have an arsenal of  craft supplies at our house. I have huge amounts of stuff stored in the garage that I have always thought I would use.  Tonight the kids were amazed that I was able to pull out 6 year old  felt hand puppet forms from the garage.  What can I say??? It was back in the day where everyone was sending their kids off to camp for the summer, and I thought I could do my own camp. 

 Sometimes I  feel like Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day. Everything that is needed for a super-hero costume or a puppet, in this case, is in my garage verses her purse. Dang,  now if only I could look like her!! 
The making of MARIO!! 

I like plotting all of my pieces before hot gluing!!

Kenna's sheriff girl from the series Max Quick being attacked by a zombie!!

 Puppet design: Carson Greene /  Inspiration: David Ortiz

Puppet design: John Greene / Inspiration: Zombie monster

Puppet design: Jackson Greene / Inspiration: Mario Cart and video games, of course.

Puppet design: Makenna Greene / Inspiration: The Max Quick series of books. The puppet  is the lady sheriff of the town in the book. The setting is in the desert. The town is surrounded by hills of roses. Oh the mind of a 12 year old that LOVES to read!!

Puppet design: Maddie and Alana Greene  Inspiration: Fairy tales. Makenna and Maddie are currently in the production of Snow White. Maddie has fairy tales on the brain. This is of course the princess and her true love the  royal prince. 
This was a super fun project that allowed everyone to pick whatever they wanted to do (Except for me.. Maddie really wanted a prince to go with the princess so of course I chose him.)  I am so happy to have finally used some of the hand puppets from years ago!! I am sure my husband is thankful as well. I am pretty sure he believes that I am a craft supplies hoarder!! Truth be told, I just might be!! 

Craft supplies used: 
Felt hand puppet forms (Oriental trading)
Foam sheets
Card Stock
Wiggle eyes
Glitter glue
Pom poms
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun

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