Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 251... Making Valentines

Today for fun we worked as a family to make 40 Valentines for the American Heritage Girls Troop Party tomorrow night. 

We decided to use things we already had at home. 
The result.. we made chocolate covered pretzels with jimmy sprinkles and chocolate chip cookies!!
Jack in candy making mode. The kids LOVED dunking the pretzels and each having a work station!! I loved that they all worked together on this as a team and really got along nicely. Must be the weekend of LOVE!

Makenna packing up the boxes to give out!! I have had these boxes forever and have NEVER had a use for them until today. John is thrilled that it is one more craft supply out of our garage!!


We put a cupcake liner in the bottom. Then put in one of Johns chocolate chip cookies and 4 pretzels. 

These were the left overs!! YUM!!
Packed up and ready to go to the AHG party tomorrow night!!

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