Sunday, August 18, 2013

375: Progressive Dinner

We were out and about this morning for an audition. Pretty exciting even though I am sure our chances are slim/none that the kids will get it. It was lunch time when we got back.We decided to celebrate with a Progressive Lunch out and about in our little corner of the world.
             Look how much they are growing!! Love these four kids!
 Generally a Progressive dinner is from one friends house to the next. We decided to make it from one restaurant to the next. Our first stop QT for drinks!
 NEXT STOP: We think Five Guys has the best fries ever!! One order is enough to feed the six of us! Yum!
 We then headed to Zaxby's for our main entree..yummy boneless chicken fingers!! 
 Last stop on the Progressive Dinner Train: Burger King for 50 cent Ice cream cones!
 We had a great time enjoying lunch from four different places. It might have to be something we try more often. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

374: Be an Extra in a movie!!

 Today the kids got to be EXTRAS on a movie that was filming here in our area. Talk about exciting!!  I worked all summer to get them on this. It has been a bucket list item since the beginning of the blog. It is good to know that persistence pays off!! 
They were so excited to get chosen and had a blast on the set. Fun, Fun and something we will definitely try to do again!!