Sunday, August 18, 2013

375: Progressive Dinner

We were out and about this morning for an audition. Pretty exciting even though I am sure our chances are slim/none that the kids will get it. It was lunch time when we got back.We decided to celebrate with a Progressive Lunch out and about in our little corner of the world.
             Look how much they are growing!! Love these four kids!
 Generally a Progressive dinner is from one friends house to the next. We decided to make it from one restaurant to the next. Our first stop QT for drinks!
 NEXT STOP: We think Five Guys has the best fries ever!! One order is enough to feed the six of us! Yum!
 We then headed to Zaxby's for our main entree..yummy boneless chicken fingers!! 
 Last stop on the Progressive Dinner Train: Burger King for 50 cent Ice cream cones!
 We had a great time enjoying lunch from four different places. It might have to be something we try more often. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

374: Be an Extra in a movie!!

 Today the kids got to be EXTRAS on a movie that was filming here in our area. Talk about exciting!!  I worked all summer to get them on this. It has been a bucket list item since the beginning of the blog. It is good to know that persistence pays off!! 
They were so excited to get chosen and had a blast on the set. Fun, Fun and something we will definitely try to do again!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


 I got a message today from my friend Jill that she saw our blog in Redbook magazine while getting her nails done. She was shocked! I rushed right out to find the magazine and sure enough there we were!!

 I have to say it was very cool to see our names and blog in a real magazine!! 
                Thanks Redbook for mentioning us in your July issue!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

373: Medieval Times

Woo Hoo!! We won four tickets to Medieval Times!!

How do you celebrate your 44th? For me it was taking the family to dinner at an amazingly cool place!

 We all loved it!! Horses, knights, jousting, feasting with our hands it was a blast!

At the end our knight won and then he chose our Maddie as
The Queen of Love and Beauty!!

A special night for us all to remember. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

372... Lamberts Cafe

If you ever find yourself  in Foley, Alabama near Gulf Shores Beach, make sure to eat at the famous Lamberts Cafe. It is well worth the wait which will most likely be from 1-3 hours. It is similar to a Cracker Barrel but with a fun and lively atmosphere. They are known for their huge portions, and of course their delicious rolls and passarounds.  The Greeneteam absolutely loved it. 

This boy was one of the roll throwers. The kids thought catching the roll was fun!!
GIANT Rolls, warm and delicious. Jack wants to work at Lamberts one day. 
This is the giant drink that each person gets. No refills were needed. Thank goodness we did not have a spill. 

The service and food were really good.  There is no meal sharing, and they only accept cash or checks. I am so happy that we decided to wait. It is not your typical restaurant. The fun atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a family outing.  The children's meals for 10 and under were $5.99 and included the giant drink. Adult meals ranged in price from $10-$20. Super fun and so delicious. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

371... Visit to the Ocean

I finally took the kids to the Ocean!! This has been a bucket list item for the last several years. I am so happy to finally have it checked off the list. 
We had a great time.  The kids especially loved the giant waves! 
Future Surf dudes!! They walked the beach alone and came back giggling about the girls.
My pretty girl Makenna. She is excited to start writing about the ocean.
Hanging with mom!!

Bucket list item #2!! I hope this is the first of many beach trips. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

370... Poker

For the last three years we have been playing Poker with our friends the Howards. The kids love the Poker chips, and cards and have wanted us to teach them to play. Tonight was the night. We were looking for something new to do and I thought why not Poker? The kids were so excited. 
Carson was the first to get on the board with several winning hands. His nickname was Bulldog and for awhile he thought he was indestructible. 

Cosmic Crusher (Ms. Maddie), and Storm (Mr. Jack) had a few good rounds each. Jack took losing the hardest and still has a long way to go when it comes to learning how to play. 
Ember (Ms. Makenna) was on fire. She played her cards smooth, had unbelievable luck and was totally on fire. She killed both John and I tonight.  She loved being the winner and has agreed that a once a month family Poker night would be a great thing. 

I was very impressed with my girls. They both seemed to grasp the game, and made great plays and moves. The boys absolutely loved it. They loved throwing the chips, and making the deals. They just need a little more practice on how the game actually works. 

As for John and I, we loved teaching them. It was nice to play something other than the typical kids game. I think a once a month Poker night is in order. I see a 2025 VEGAS trip on our family bucket list!!