Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 112.... Scrabble Slam

Tonight we tried a new family game called SCRABBLE SLAM!! It held up to it's name as John SLAMMED us all with winning every single round. UGG!! It was fun to play, but I think we would all agree we like Scrabble better.

I may have the kids practice with the cards alone as kind of a word Solitaire. I think it would be great practice, educational, and fun!! Maybe after the kids and I have tweaked our skills we will attempt another round with Big Daddy!!

Ready to play the new game!!
Carson chose the 4 letter word SLAM to work off of!
Big Daddy so excited to have won a 2nd straight round!
The boys trying to sound out and change the word with the letters in their hand!
The Victor and Champion of the first Scrabble Slam competition!!


  1. That looks like the Happy Dance to me! :-)

  2. Yes.. Happy!! I am the victor and champion and can beat my wife who is trying to take pics, and three kids under 12.. LOL!! He LOVES to win!!:)