Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 103... Car Show

Today's fun was a Car Show in Flowery Branch. The theme seemed to revolve around the VW Bugs, Busses, and Karmenghia's. I was thrilled as the VW Bug is one of my favorite cars. We all loved seeing them decked out with hula girls, surf boards, and fuzzy dice. I think I could have done very well back in the 60's riding around in a VW Bus with peace curtains. When I told the kids they all laughed, and thought it was so funny!! What can I say??

There were also plenty of Corvette's, Camaro's, Mustangs and even a Monster Truck. Very FUN to look at. Every one found at least one or two favorites. We stopped and got shaved ice and listened to the band play some music. It was a wonderful way to spend a Fall Saturday morning here in Georgia.

I think everyone would see the Greeneteam coming if we were riding around in this.
Stopping for a quick snack!
Relaxing and listening to the music!!
Peace Out!!
This one was one of our favorites it was painted with chalkboard paint. They had a large bucket of chalk so that you could decorate the van. FUN!!
We left our mark!!

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