Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 87.... Self Portraits and Interviews

Tonight we took a couple ideas that I have seen and turned them into one. The kids did a self portrait and answered interview questions while working on the picture. It was fun to interview them while they were working. It made the time at the table go by very quickly.

I cut the interview questions into strips and glued them onto the portrait. I love this idea. I wish I had these for all the kids all the way back to when they were 3 or 4 and could draw their first figure. I do have some self portraits but I think having the interview questions tells so much about their personality. While I was interviewing the kids and cutting the strips big Daddy made a self portrait too!!

Most of the time, like tonight, I plan the fun activity 20-30 minutes before we do it. If I could redo tonight and plan a little better I would have had Black large paper for the final back page. I think the questions would pop better. The other thing I would do is type in their answer verses write it on the paper with pen. It would have looked neater and nicer. Next year when we do this again I will be really ready. Live and learn. A great craft and a really nice family keepsake. FUN!!

Interview Questions I used: A food I don't like is, My favorite movie is, My favorite subject in school is, My favorite treat is, If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to, My favorite food is, My favorite color is, My best vacation ever was, My favorite sport is, I love the book, My favorite song is, My favorite snack is, I am, I love to, My name is, 3 words that describe me are, My favorite thing about camping is, When I grow up I am going to be, My favorite show is, My favorite season is, If I could be________I would_________.

The crew with their self portraits!
If I could be a spy I would save the world. I love to read. I am diligent, helpful, and talented. My favorite color is purple.
If I could build a time machine I would. I love Pokemon. I am cool, smart, and funny. When I was little I used to fight dragons.
If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Paris. I love Lucky. My favorite song is Dream On. I am good looking, cocky, and athletic. My favorite food is Panda Express!
I am adventurous, smart and sweet. My favorite song is Flat on the Floor. If I could be a famous singer I would sing about God. I love my Webkinz.

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