Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 106... A Sneak Peak behind the Scenes Tour

We had so much fun tonight catching a behind the scenes tour of James and the Giant Peach at Brenau University in Gainesville. It brought back memories of being at a college lecture.

At first I thought it might be way over the kids head, but it wasn't. It was so informative. The director spoke and then introduced her team. It was neat to see where the inspiration for the costumes and set design came from. They even gave us a sneak peak at two of the costumes, Ms. Spider, and the Centipede. The costumes were very detailed and so colorful.

The best part came when they did a small scene from the play. They did just enough to make you desperately want to go see it. It runs from September 29th-October 8th. Now to just get tickets!!

Outside Bailey Hall and The Pearce Auditorium.

John and the kids by the Wonky House that the Aunts live in!!


  1. One of my favorite books. The spider costumes are awesome!!

  2. They really are amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of it. Would you want to go on Friday before you leave to a matinee if I can get tickets?? Let me know?? Would Katie like it? We could all go??

  3. Devine Designs would like to sponsor 365 for the team to go see the play. Please let me know how to proceed.