Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 94.. Watch Old Home Movies

This is one of my favorite snapshots that I took from the videos. I love that it is my little brother and I. There were NOT a lot of videos or pictures taken of the two of us at such a young age.

Tonight for family fun we watched an old home movie that was an hour and half. The movie was a retirement gift to my parents from my brothers and sisters and I. My kids have never seen it. I usually watch it alone around Christmas and remember all the wonderful times I had growing up. It is filled with so many memories and so therefore very sentimental.

Tonight I thought I would share the video with the Greeneteam. They loved it. They laughed at how young everyone was, they thought that every baby had to be me. They loved watching the video, and were absolutely amazed at how much all of their Great Aunts and Uncles had changed. The Great Aunts and Uncles are now old, much like the Grandparents that were shown in the video.

They laughed at their Aunt Lisa and Dee Dee, and their Uncle Craig and Gary doing funny things like sliding down backwards on a water slide. They could not believe the hair styles. They also were amazed at the old cars and televisions. It was neat for the kids to watch videos of their Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles, and Great Grandparents hugging, kissing, cooking, laughing and passing out presents. Truly priceless things for them to see and watch.

I loved this activity as much or more than they did. It was fun showing them a little bit of my history. I read somewhere once that men share the history of our country through battles,war stories, and medals. It is the women who share the history of their family. We do it through pictures, videos and family stories. We are what keep the family traditions and stories alive. I hope tonight I shared a little of that with my kids.

The Greeneteam settling in to watch "Moments to Remember".
"Oh my gosh mom they were hippies"..LOL.. Not exactly.
They loved seeing my old pop up camper.
They were embarrassed that I was taking a bath with my brothers. LOL
I had told them about the story of Aunt Dee Dee being R2D2 in a play. Here they got to see her in action!
Maddie's reaction to seeing Aunt Dee Dee as R2D2!! They all laughed and laughed!!
Something none of them could understand??? MY BIG HAIR.. LOL


  1. So glad I could provide such moments of hilarity!!

  2. You will go down in History as the best R2D2 ever!! They loved it!! :) Just so you know the scene when your pants are falling down at GG's.. The kids said "Oh my gosh Maddie you are exactly like Dee Dee." LOL!!! Poor Maddie her pants are always falling down. :) One more thing you girls have in common. :)

  3. Thinking she is probably your's?? Similarities are just too scary?? LOL...