Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 101... Front Yard Fall Fix Up!

Tonight for fun I suggested a front yard fall clean up. When the girls heard buying flowers they were all in. Carson was in as soon as he heard mowing. Jack and John weren't sure about it being fun at all. Pulling weeds, planting and shopping where is the fun in that? I told them it would be in the results. They cooperated and other than the giant mishap of Carson breaking the mower the evening was fun. Things look way better. There truly is something to be said for hard work making you feel good. A family that works together hopefully stays together!!

Kenna and Maddie showing the sad, sad, shape of our entry/yard before the attempted clean up.
Nothing makes girls happier than shopping. A welcome mat, fall flowers, and dirt with our Lowes Gift Card!!
Kenna ready to head home and plant!
Voila.. the after shot. I would still love to paint the door, replace the lights and the plant containers, but it is at least a start!! The kids all love it.

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