Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 95... Toothpick Dinner

I stole this idea from my friend Jamie. Her families Christmas Eve Tradition is to have a toothpick dinner. I thought I would try it with the Greeneteam tonight. I wasn't sure what to include so, I used some things I had on hand that the kids could help with.

Our menu: Kielbasa, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, mini marshmallows, mini brownie bites, and cheese cubes!!

Quick, Simple, and Easy!! I gave everyone a quick job and we had the dinner on the picnic table in about 15 minutes. Delicious, and a fun way to have dinner!! Thanks Jamie for the inspiration!!

I chose the number of items to make/eat based on my handy little snack bucket container!!
The girls job was to prep the fruit. Apparently Maddie did some taste testing as well.
Carson was the Cheese boy.
Jack was my saute man!!
The team ready for dinner!
Ready to feast on round 1.
Carson loved the kielbasa bites!!
"Yummy Delicious mama!" Maddie gave it a 10 !!

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