Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 96... Zoo Atlanta

Today ZOO ATLANTA sponsored the Greeneteam for a day of fun. Thank you Zoo Atlanta we had a fantastic day! Not only was the weather perfect, but this must be the perfect time of year to go to the zoo because there were babies everywhere. Baby tigers, baby pandas, baby giraffes, and baby gorillas. This made for a very fun and very exciting day!!

The first babies we got to see were the baby tiger cubs. They are about 10 weeks old, named Sohni & Sanjiv and have only been out for viewing for a week!! Really fun to see them. Next we saw the baby panda Po. So cute and really very active while we were visiting. We also got to see her mom Lun Lun eating away at bamboo, and her dad Yang Yang walking around outside. Maddie had just read about Panda's in Science yesterday, so she was over the moon at getting to see them today at Zoo Atlanta.

We moved on and saw Lily, the new baby giraffe born on July 22. She was far away but the kids just loved seeing her walking with the other giraffes. Last we saw the cutest baby gorilla with his mom. They were sitting in a hammock when we first saw them. Then the mama grabbed him by his little arm and popped him right on her shoulders. They took a little stroll right towards us. The kids were thrilled!!

There were so many other neat animals/reptiles/birds at the zoo. Meerkats, Naked Mole Rats, Owls, Birds, Bears. I could go on and on. We loved it all!! Thanks again, Zoo Atlanta, for a wildly great time!!

Zoo Atlanta
800 Cherokee Avenue,SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Arriving at Zoo Atlanta.
Family shot of the 6 of us!
Baby Po
Mama Tiger and babies
The Greeneteam by the elephants!!
Little baby riding mama's back!
Maddie and Makenna with the mama panda.
Baby Lily the giraffe with friends!
Meerkat Fun with Maddie and Carson!

Baby day at Zoo Atlanta by Maddie Greene

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  1. Great day of fun!!!!! I've never been to Zoo Atlanta . . . we'll have to put it on the list of things to do!