Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 91... DRAWING

A few years ago we received a boxed set of Draw Write Now Books for the kids as a Christmas gift from my sister. We have used them so much and love how they help guide you step by step to draw something other than a stick figure. Tonight we used them for family fun.

With this series of books you can take your drawings further than you normally would. Typically if I am asked do draw a butterfly I would draw two back to back letter B's and call it a day. With these books I was able to make something that sort of resembled a monarch. I love that they get the kids thinking past just a single item to draw. They start thinking of the whole picture.

When we first got them I had the kids draw something weekly. I could see huge improvements by the end of the year. I think I will start doing that again. Put on a little music, get out your pencils, paper and crayons and enjoy the evening. I believe the boxed set was around $60 for 8 books. They can also be bought individually.

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