Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 100.... THE FUN TRAIN

The 100 DAY FUN TRAIN left our house at 5:15 and came back at 8:30. The FUN TRAIN has been a family favorite since the Greeneteam was very little. Basically I tell everyone you have 5 minutes to get ready because the FUN TRAIN is leaving. We get in the car and head out for a day or night of fun.

The rules: No one but the driver ever knows where the FUN TRAIN is going. There is no complaining when it is time to move to the next spot. There are always 3 stops!!

Today's Fun Train had a 100 theme!

First stop a picnic dinner. After we ate we made a list of 100 more things we would like to do for fun!!
Next we made a 100 day snack. 100 crackers, 100 mini cookies, 100 Apple Dapples, 100 Mini Marshmallows, 100 Mike and Ikes and 100 Peanuts. Thanks Julie Ferris for this fun idea.
The girls eating the 100 day snack!! YUM!!
Big Daddy and I.. 100 days down 265 more to go!!
2nd Stop on the Fun Train the Dollar Tree. Everyone got 100 cents to spend however they wanted. Fun! They all still love this store.
Last stop Chuck E.Cheese where again they each got 100 cents/4 tokens to spend. They love Chuck E Cheese so it always makes for a fun stop.

The Fun Train stops can be anything you want.. Some things we have done: Feed the ducks, Go out for ice cream, Ride on scooters, Toys R Us to buy a new game, Donut shop, Visit the mall, go out to eat, Park to play, Riding bicycles, Blowing Bubbles, Sidewalk Chalk, Game Stop, Play date with a friend, and Sandcastles at the beach.


  1. They always LOVE the fun train. I think that it is knowing there are 3 fun things on the agenda instead of 1. What kid wouldn't like that?? :)

  2. This is corny, but this post made me cry. I just love how much fun you guys are having!

  3. Thanks Lesli.. We really are having a great time with it. My husband was not happy at first that I was starting a new blog. About a month and half ago he told me that doing the FUN thing is what is keeping him going. Most days it is the only FUN that he has and he loves spending the family time with us. :)