Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 177... Puzzle Piece Ornaments

Tonight we made puzzle piece ornaments for the tree. They turned out really cute. It was a pretty labor intensive craft so I would say it is for ages 7 and up.

Start with puzzle pieces. For the reindeer you need two connecting pieces. We hot glued them together so they would stay.

Figure out how many pieces you need to make your design. We used 4 for the reindeer, 3 for the baby reindeer, and 10-12 for the candy cane and wreath. Next paint them the color or colors needed.

For faster dry time we use the hairdryer. Make sure to paint both sides.

We almost always use hot glue on projects like this. The craft just stays together better and the mess is way less. The kids are getting older and with supervision they do pretty good with the glue gun.

Makenna ready to decorate her reindeer with embellishments. We used wiggle eyes, pom poms and 3d paint for the red dots and then buttons, foam stars and yarn for the wreaths. We then hot glued a red yarn string on the back to hang them.

Ready to put on the Christmas Tree!!

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