Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 166... BUNCO

Our blog sponsor of the day was Aunt Teresa. She invited us over for an evening of dinner and Bunco. So FUN!! I have only played Bunco once about 15 years ago. I was a sub for a game in California with my sister. I knew it was a dice game but couldn't remember much more than that. As soon as I started rolling the dice on the practice round it all came back to me.

The kids and John loved it too. Aunt Teresa was thrilled to be hosting her first Bunco night and thrilled that she was finally making the 365 blog. Thanks Aunt T for a great night!! See you next month!!

Ready for our first ever BUNCO night!!

Kenna loved being a score keeper!!

"Fight, Fight, Fight" Aunt Teresa sure she was going to be the winner against John and I.

BUNCO on two's..Yeah Maddie.

On the 2nd set Jack had 6 straight wins!! He was thrilled!


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