Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today's fun was haircuts. Would I normally count them as fun? Probably not. But due to circumstances beyond my control one was desperately needed and made a certain 10 year old very happy. He was not made fun of at school and made it through the day with a smile on his face. Praise the Lord for that!! Hated the thought of him being tortured even if it was his own stinking fault.

Carson decided to buzz his own head last night.. 3 Stooges or what?? UGGG!!

Dad ran him to the hairdresser before school so that he would not be TORTURED and made fun of.

Definitely better although I miss his hair!!

Ready to face the kids at school.

Maddie before!

Maddie after!

Kenna before!

Kenna after!

Jack before!

Jack after!!

Fresh, Clean, and ready for the Holidays!! As a few friends said last night it will be a funny story in 20 years!!

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