Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 151.. Kids Cook Dinner

Tonight for fun we decided to stay home and let the kids cook dinner for themselves. Each person was responsible for making their own egg or omelet
Carson has loved being in the kitchen since he was 5 or 6!! He may be the next Emeril!!
I feel like this is a Clue game picture. Maddie, in the kitchen, on the floor, with the toaster and the dog!! UGG!! Not the place I normally put the toaster. I guess when you are 7 and can't reach the plugs up on the counter this is the ideal spot!!
She made a yummy bagel sandwich.
The next Martha Stewart??

Jack carefully putting his omelet in the oven to finish the top!
Slowly getting it out of the pan!
So proud of his omelet. It was the prettiest of the night!!

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