Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 153... Shopping for Operation Christmas Child

Shopping for Operation Christmas Child has been a family tradition for Christmas the last 10 years! I started taking the kids when Kenna was just two. We can never afford to give a lot but I know letting the kids pick out even just 1 or two items each makes them feel like they are helping and giving to others with so much less than we have.

I will never forget when Hurricane Katrina happened Makenna asked me if I knew where a box was? I said "what kind of box and why do you need it?" She then said "I am going to fill it with some of my things for all those children in the hurricane that don't have anything anymore". It melted my heart to hear her! So sweet! The three years of taking her and filling that little shoe box with things had taught her to help and give to those in need.

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