Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 176..... Snowmen Ornaments

In honor of the first snowfall here in Georgia today we made snowman crafts for the tree. I showed the kids a few ideas from Pinterest and we all got to work. Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? So many ideas to get you thinking!!

BIG DADDY: I think he resembles Mr. Freeze Meiser from the Christmas show. It is made out of a blob of hot glue!

Mama: This one I made from just a large popsicle stick that I painted white then add your details.

Kenna's pot snowman. Cuter in person than it is in pics.

Jack: He made a footprint craft. Thought it turned out really cute!! Big improvement Jack.

Carson: He used small styrofoam balls put together with toothpicks. This one is cuter in person too.

Maddie: Paint Stick long snowman. Maddie gets the most improved. This is so much better than her turkey!! Way to go beanie!!

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