Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 360... Blindfolded Taste Testing!!

Today for fun we did a blindfolded taste test. John and I had fun torturing the kids into believing that we were going to have them try garlic, onions, mayonnaise, vegetables, and spices. 
The reality... we had planned a dessert taste testing!! 

Every time they tasted something sweet they knew the next one had to be a bad thing.. It never was!!  The kids loved this and definitely had fun!!
Items I used: Chocolate, cereal, ice cream, licorice, cotton candy, fruit snacks and Sherbet!! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 359... Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Today we went to the Sawnee Mountain Preserve. I did not do my research on this before leaving and we were not prepared for the long hike that it took to get to the Indian Seats. The top pictures were as we started on our hike/journey. The first picture is a tree house that is just outside the visitor center. 
When I say we were not prepared I mean we were not prepared. I had brought nothing to drink or eat and it ended up being 1.6 miles there and 1.6 miles back!! An older couple gave us a cold bottle of water about an hour into the walk. I am seriously grateful to those folks as I was feeling like the worst mom in America!!

 Maddie and I made up stories of fairies along the way. There was a lot of moss and several holes and it just looked like a fairy utopia. Making up these stories was fun and it  helped the time go by. Once we got the bottle of water things got easier and the rest of the walk was good.  
Victory!! I will say this was a long walk, one that I would compare to climbing Stone Mountain. We will absolutely go back as it is a beautiful view and great exercise. The next time we will have plenty of water and be wearing the proper shoes. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 358... Antique Stores

Do you ever drive by antique stores and think someday I am going to stop?? I do. I do it all the time. The fact is I am always in a hurry, not in the mood, not dressed right, something, so I just don't do it. Today we finally did!! I find it funny that the one we finally stopped at was named The Green Bean Exchange!! 
This place is located off of Cumming Highway in Canton. It had great stuff, a really nice owner, and such a fun antique feel to it. There is a second location in Cumming just 9 miles away. We went to both and they were wonderful.

Everyone found things that looked like treasures. 
So many neat things for your home, garden or self. The girls loved all the jewelry.
I would love to do this again, only the next time with a pocket full of money and an empty truck.

The Green Bean Exchange
Antiques, collectables,accessories, furniture, consignments, Booth rentals, Local arts and crafts.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 357 -- Water Gun fights and swim racing

Lake Allatoona was on our list of fun places to go today. 

We took water blasters and guns to play with. 

Take that Jack!!

Our friend Cammy getting Jack good!!

Part of our water gun crew!!

They all had lots of fun!! Amazing how long kids can stay at the beach playing.

The guys grilling and getting our picnic ready!!

I got in the water and did swim races with the kids. They love it!!

GET SET... GO!!!

Hurdling towards the finish line!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 356... Center For Puppetry Arts

Our fun blog sponsor today is my friend Lesli Peterson.. She gave us tickets to see Peter Pan at The Center for Puppetry Arts.
Waiting for the show to begin!!
When the show was over we headed to the puppet workshop. This was a first for us!!
Makenna was the first to complete her puppet. I am so happy she was not given my genes when reading/following directions!!
Thanks Ms. Lesli.. We had a great time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

355.. Cloud Watching and Watermelon Slushies

Today was beautiful. We headed to the pool to soothe the kids aching bodies. Skating last night definitely took it's toll. We decided to watch  the clouds. I love watching them. We spotted a heart, a sailboat, several dragons and I thought for a minute maybe the man in the moon. When we got home we put a blanket on the ground and watched for awhile longer. 

For a special treat I bought our first watermelon of the season. I saw a recipe to make watermelon frosty's. Ours turned out more like a cold juice/slushie. Makenna was the only one that thought it was good. Maddie said "it's not a 10 and we definitely won't make it again." Funny!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 354... Roller Skating and Velcro Wall.

78 SKATE!!
We have not roller skated at all for the past 12-18 months. It has been on our list and we just never seem to get around to it. Tonight we used a spectacular Groupon deal and headed out to a new rink in Loganville called 78 Skate. 
It took the kids a good 45 minutes to get back into the swing of skating. I laughed so hard watching them. Crashing into walls, near misses, falls galore. It was quite the comedy show. They were trying so hard to look cool and they just weren't. How can you be when you are falling constantly?? Towards the end when they would fall I felt sympathy. These kids are going to be hurting puppies tomorrow morning. They have already cancelled the plans we had for fun. They want to stay home
 and recoup. I can't say that I blame them. 
Jackson on the Velcro Wall.. This was a first for the Greeneteam!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 353...Liberty Farm Chicken Field Trip

This morning we headed out to a local farm that has just started offering chicken tours. 

The Greeneteam at Liberty Farm in Buford. 

Checking out the chickens!!

Maddie trying to catch a chicken!!

She had to move to the smaller coop to get one, but she ended up catching one of every color. She had the best time and wanted to know if they offered a season pass? 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 352... Hangman

Today was Carson's last day of school. I wanted to have a special snack for him to celebrate. He LOVES these Super Pretzels and I never buy them. The other kids loved them too especially dunked in chocolate!!
We decided to go for easy, stay at home fun today as the rest of the week is go, go, go!! We played Hangman. I usually do this on paper with the kids and did not even realize that we had an actual game of it on our shelf. This one had a garage sale ticket price of $1.. Gotta love finding games at garage sales. 
It is designed as a 2 person game kind of like Battleship. We played it differently since their were five of us.    One person came up with the word and then the rest of us tried to guess it. Whoever solved the puzzle then got to be the next one to come up with the word. Lots of  fun. 
Jack almost had us stumped on this one. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 351... Diet Coke and Mentos Explosion!!

Tonight the kids really wanted to head to the pool for our first swim of the season. So, we decided on an EASY FUN of Diet Coke and Mentos!! My friend Leslie did this with her son a week or so ago and the explosion is so fun to see!!
The only action shot I could get. My camera is so slow!! UGG!!
Maddie hoping to get a little more fizz!!
TAKE 1 Diet Coke and Mentos!! 
First Swim of the 2012 pool season!!
First one in!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 350.. Chocolate Eclairs

Tonight we taught the kids to make Chocolate Eclairs from SCRATCH. We used a Southern Living at Home recipe to make the puff paste, and the vanilla custard. We then used Johns recipe for the chocolate. 
Maddie helping to make the puff paste. 
Carson piping the paste to bake. His turned out the prettiest!
Probably everyone's favorite part. Separating the yolk from the white. We let everyone do two eggs. We didn't need that many but everyone wanted to try. We will be having French Toast tomorrow night with the eggs we practiced on. 
Even Mr. Jack liked separating the eggs. 
A tip we got from Pinterest. When you need to fill a piping bag of any kind put it in a cup or pitcher. It works like a charm every time. 
Ready to fill the eclairs!!
Johns chocolate sauce was yummy!!
The finished Eclairs. We slightly over baked them but other than that perfect!!
Kenna gives it a 10 make again!!