Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 349... Butterfly Release and Festival

Today we went to the 16th Annual Butterfly Release in Gainesville. It is held on the third Sunday each May. We ate a picnic with Aunt Teresa before heading to the festivities. 
The first booth we came upon was making sail boats. 
The boys trying to get their boats to go!!
Next we ladies picked up some butterfly rings!! Cute!!
The next booth was face painting. Kenna got a butterfly, Maddie a flower, Jack a football with flames, and Carson got an MVP sign on his arm. 
Aunt T took this one of  us!!
There were lots of little free craft booths to attend. This one was make a butterfly. 
Carson with his edible compost. Such a cute idea!
Love this idea for teaching kids what can go into a compost bin. Twigs (pretzel sticks), Leaves (Corn Flakes), Coffee grounds (crunched up chocolate cookies), Grass clippings (green coconut), Fruit and vegetable peelings (raisins and dried banana chips), Earthworms (gummi worms).
We took a break and sat in the shade to cool down. 
Aunt T and Maddie waiting for the butterflies to be passed out. While we waited we played password. Fun!!
Each of the 1500 butterfly's were in these little envelopes. 

This was a fantastic free community event. We loved it and can't wait for next years festival!!

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  1. How did I miss this one? Looks like so much fun! I have to make this one next year!