Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 359... Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Today we went to the Sawnee Mountain Preserve. I did not do my research on this before leaving and we were not prepared for the long hike that it took to get to the Indian Seats. The top pictures were as we started on our hike/journey. The first picture is a tree house that is just outside the visitor center. 
When I say we were not prepared I mean we were not prepared. I had brought nothing to drink or eat and it ended up being 1.6 miles there and 1.6 miles back!! An older couple gave us a cold bottle of water about an hour into the walk. I am seriously grateful to those folks as I was feeling like the worst mom in America!!

 Maddie and I made up stories of fairies along the way. There was a lot of moss and several holes and it just looked like a fairy utopia. Making up these stories was fun and it  helped the time go by. Once we got the bottle of water things got easier and the rest of the walk was good.  
Victory!! I will say this was a long walk, one that I would compare to climbing Stone Mountain. We will absolutely go back as it is a beautiful view and great exercise. The next time we will have plenty of water and be wearing the proper shoes. 

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  1. LOL! You should have asked me which trail to take. There is a slightly shorter trail at the other parking lot which is up the road a little from the visitor center.