Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 342... Walk and Play in the Rain!!

Mothers Day started with breakfast in bed for me!! John made me his specialty omelet. Corned beef, asparagus, Swiss Cheese and red bell peppers. It was cooked perfectly. Thank you honey!! 
The girls bringing me breakfast. I tried to edit myself out of the picture but, Maddie was watching and insisted that I leave myself in. 
Maddie worked all week putting together a basket of goodies. A Take Five Candy bar, a sun catcher, flowers she picked in the front yard, a page she colored, and some Hotel shampoo. Cute!! Carson made me a purple flower pen at school. It will be perfect for doing my word searches. 
We headed to Unicoi State Park for a rainy day picnic with Grandma.

We then took a walk in the rain. It was nice because we seemed to be the only ones there!! I think this is the most it has rained in Georgia in one day. 
The scenery is beautiful. We will head back this summer for a day and explore a lot more!!


  1. Happy Mommy's Day! Our 100 Days activity was the same!Great minds....

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you too Lesli. With the amount of rain today I thought it was a must do!! :) Plus we love being outdoors and having picnics.