Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 345... Pudin de Pan Chocolate

Tonight we once again combined school with fun!! Makenna had to do a Caribbean food project. We looked up desserts as those are her favorite. We found a recipe for Pudin de Pan Chocolate basically a Caribbean Chocolate Bread Pudding. It looked easy enough and we had all the ingredients. Now to see if it was any good. 

I tried my best to zip my mouth and let the kids do it entirely. Tonight they did great and other than needing to say a few things they did it on their own. Yeah team!!

Maddie measuring out the bread cubes. 

Jack crushing his egg!! The first two he did great on this one not so much.

Mixing up the Pudin dePan!!

I tried my best to make a Caribbean inspired dinner. Even if it wasn't authentic it was yummy!!

 We put on Caribbean music while eating.  The kids ended up in another conga line!!

Our Pudin de Pan Chocolate topped with vanilla bean ice cream. 

The kids give this a 10 make again and so do I . It was yummy!! I would say overall a really nice dinner combination and really easy to make. 
The recipe came from About.Com (Pudin De Pan Chocolate)

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