Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 331... Playing Hookie

We all played hookie from school today. It is Grandma's birthday and I wanted us to be able to celebrate with her before she headed home this afternoon. John brought home a fabulous salad from Cheesecake Factory, we grilled some pork, and made some potatoes for dinner. We then sang Happy Birthday to her and let her open her presents. 
Happy 71st Mom!! We love you!! 
P.S. the cake was Yummy!! 

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  1. You know, Nan, my mom had traveled all over the world during the course of her life. But the place she loved to be most - especially on her birthday - was right where your mom spent hers: a home-baked cake ablaze with candles, a grandchild draped over her lap, serenaded by a heartfelt rendition (however off key) of Happy Birthday, to You. Her face speaks of true joy!! That, my dear sister-in-law, is what it's all about. Nice job!! (Still tearing up). :-)