Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 347.. Bridging Ceremony and Pie throwing!!

Tonight we had Makenna's bridging ceremony to attend. She has been waiting for this for two years. 
The parents had to be on stage. I put Jack, my award winning photographer, in charge of getting her bridging photo. This is the only photo we have! Funny!! Camera privileges revoked.  
Kenna happy and waiting for her other friends to bridge!
The staged fake shot.
Maddie was a color guard tonight, and got lots of great patches and service stars too. Great job Maddie on your AHG year. 
For wearing their uniforms all year they got to throw a pie in their teachers face!!
Poor Ms. Silvia
The boys had fun eating, and running around after all of the awards!!
Jack with his favorite BBQ sandwich. 
Super proud of you Kenna for bridging from an Explorer to a Pioneer. You have worked really hard and  done a great job!!

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