Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 332...Cinco De Mayo placemats

Tonight we made Cinco De Mayo place mats. We are going to the mountains on Saturday for a party with friends, and thought it would be fun to bring these along for decorations!!
Carson got out the chips and salsa to snack on , and even put on some music while we were crafting. 
Jack working on a mat. 
Loved this one that Makenna made!!
Carson did this one with the chili peppers!!

This craft was super easy and fun to make. At first I thought we could draw things free handed. The kids weren't sure if my cactus shape was really a cactus. So, I decided to rethink the free hand thing. I typed in Cinco De Mayo images on Google. We then printed the images and used them for the other patterns. We glued the construction paper image on a larger piece of white paper, then used scraps to decorate the mats. Last we covered it all with clear contact paper. I think these will be a fun start to the Cinco De Mayo festivities on Saturday.

Inspiration for these placemats came from the sun catcher pinata craft at:  


  1. These are awesome!!! Gets me in the spirit!

  2. Thanks Leslie!! They were lots of fun to make!!