Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 350.. Chocolate Eclairs

Tonight we taught the kids to make Chocolate Eclairs from SCRATCH. We used a Southern Living at Home recipe to make the puff paste, and the vanilla custard. We then used Johns recipe for the chocolate. 
Maddie helping to make the puff paste. 
Carson piping the paste to bake. His turned out the prettiest!
Probably everyone's favorite part. Separating the yolk from the white. We let everyone do two eggs. We didn't need that many but everyone wanted to try. We will be having French Toast tomorrow night with the eggs we practiced on. 
Even Mr. Jack liked separating the eggs. 
A tip we got from Pinterest. When you need to fill a piping bag of any kind put it in a cup or pitcher. It works like a charm every time. 
Ready to fill the eclairs!!
Johns chocolate sauce was yummy!!
The finished Eclairs. We slightly over baked them but other than that perfect!!
Kenna gives it a 10 make again!! 

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