Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 346... Painting Pottery Charity Event

Tonight we attended a Charity kids club event at Lakeshore Mall.  INK, the Childrens Museum in Gainesville, brought bowls for all the kids to paint. The bowls will then be auctioned off at an Empty Bowl Luncheon to help feed the hungry. This event was free to attend  and helps two non profits. Woo hoo!!
Maddie going over her design with Daddy. John was a little bummed that the grown ups didn't get to paint. Maybe that will be a date for the two of us sometime. 
Loved Kenna's inside star burst. 
Jack is always pretty serious when working. 
Painting polka dots!!
The finished product. I would love to get to see it glazed!! Oh well hopefully it will make some money at auction!!
Kenna's finished piece. 
Jacks bowl was all black including the inside. He then had one red stripe. I asked him about the design and he said the red stripe was so the person would know where the front of the bowl was. Funny!!  He added some white dots !! Pretty cool. 
Maddie was inspired I think by Gail Pittman from Southern Living!! When she was done with her bowl she said "Aunt Dee Dee has bowls just like this." My sister has lots of Southern Living. 

Painting Pottery is always fun. Knowing it will be used to Help feed the hungry makes it even better. Thanks Lakeshore Mall for such a great kids event!!

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