Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 358... Antique Stores

Do you ever drive by antique stores and think someday I am going to stop?? I do. I do it all the time. The fact is I am always in a hurry, not in the mood, not dressed right, something, so I just don't do it. Today we finally did!! I find it funny that the one we finally stopped at was named The Green Bean Exchange!! 
This place is located off of Cumming Highway in Canton. It had great stuff, a really nice owner, and such a fun antique feel to it. There is a second location in Cumming just 9 miles away. We went to both and they were wonderful.

Everyone found things that looked like treasures. 
So many neat things for your home, garden or self. The girls loved all the jewelry.
I would love to do this again, only the next time with a pocket full of money and an empty truck.

The Green Bean Exchange
Antiques, collectables,accessories, furniture, consignments, Booth rentals, Local arts and crafts.

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