Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 352... Hangman

Today was Carson's last day of school. I wanted to have a special snack for him to celebrate. He LOVES these Super Pretzels and I never buy them. The other kids loved them too especially dunked in chocolate!!
We decided to go for easy, stay at home fun today as the rest of the week is go, go, go!! We played Hangman. I usually do this on paper with the kids and did not even realize that we had an actual game of it on our shelf. This one had a garage sale ticket price of $1.. Gotta love finding games at garage sales. 
It is designed as a 2 person game kind of like Battleship. We played it differently since their were five of us.    One person came up with the word and then the rest of us tried to guess it. Whoever solved the puzzle then got to be the next one to come up with the word. Lots of  fun. 
Jack almost had us stumped on this one. 


  1. Fun!! That's a huge word. Gotta love a garage sale find!

  2. Garage sale finds are my favorite way to pick up games. Olympus was Makenna's word. She loves Percy Jackson!! :)