Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 172... Festival of Trees Unicoi State Park

To kick off our Christmas fun I thought we would head to the Festival of Trees at Unicoi State Park. A beautiful drive in the mountains, 50++ decorated trees. That would certainly inspire us to get in the Christmas spirit and get decorating this weekend right?? Wrong!

We got stuck in traffic in Helen...ugg ugg ugg!!! We then got to the festival of trees and let's just say it wasn't exactly what I had pictured in my overactive mind and imagination. I envisioned a winter wonderland that would have the Greeneteam overjoyed and ready for hot cocoa, candy canes, reindeer, Christmas lights and Santa.

Instead what we found were a little over 30 decorated trees that were just average. Twelve were nice large trees but the remaining were rather small table top trees. Not the wow factor I had in mind when I heard the name Festival of Trees. I guess you win some and you lose some. This activity I would say was a lose in our fun column. Had there been hot cocoa, Christmas music, candy canes etc it may have saved the activity. As it was though not something we would sign up for again!

Shortly after we left the festival we had to make a 911 call as we came across what appeared to be an out of control fire surrounding a home. We were on back roads so as to not get stuck in Helen again. We weren't sure of course about the situation but all of us knew that our gut reaction was trouble and something was wrong.

I have to say that I hope it is the last 911 call I ever have to make as it really shook me up. Just thinking that people could be trapped or that someone could lose their house was really scary.

We talked about it the whole way home. Had we had a fabulously fun time at the festival?? Not exactly. But maybe, just maybe we were where God wanted and needed us to be. I am sure we will never know exactly what happened. What I do know is that we all felt good after making the call and doing what we knew was right. Maybe that was the lesson/fun we learned today.

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