Thursday, June 28, 2012

369... Tea Time!!

Tea anyone?? Today my sister took the girls and I to tea at the Remember When Tea Room. It is such a beautiful little place located in Chesterland, Ohio. 

 The girls had fun trying to figure out the things that did not belong in the "OLD ROOM".. A visa machine, a speaker, an electric fan. It was fun to guess what did NOT belong.

  The food was very good.  We ate quiche, salad, and tea sandwiches. Can I tell you a secret???  SHHH!!! We ordered hot chocolate instead of tea as none of us our tea drinkers. Is that bad?? Probably, but I am just keeping it real.. The ladies at the tea room did not seem shocked so it must be acceptable.

 We loved getting dressed up. All of us had fun pretending to be fancy. We loved sitting at the decorative table, ordering fancy food, and holding our  pinkies in the air. I will definitely do this again with the girls. It would be a fun yearly tradition!!  Maybe next year we will take Grandma. I don't believe she has ever been to tea!!  


  1. What a fun time!!! Love the hats! You guys have to try Tea Leaves and Thyme over by Tiffany too. A GREAT place.

  2. It was lots of fun Lesli.. :) Thanks for the recommendation on the one near Tiffany.. :) Sometime we will have to try it.