Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 136.. Making Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to a costume party. We did not have costumes picked out yet for this year. We brainstormed an idea and set to work with scissors, felt, a hot glue gun, sticks, leaves and a Halloween bucket filled with some old costumes.

It took about 4 hours but I think they are going to look pretty cute. They do not want me to show them all as we still have some finishing touches and they want to all be dressed together. So here is a tiny sneak peak.

Any guesses as to who they are??


  1. That's got to be some kind of Ninja...a strong one, not a weak one. Don't tell Maddie, but I'm thinking the Green Hornet?? :-) I know I'm wrong on that one, though. Really, really wrong.

  2. Actually not to far off. :) Will post them in full garb tomorrow.. Pretty psyched to be able to make it all. The only thing I need is a cape, and maybe some black hair stuff for a few of them. :) I have never "MADE" costumes and the kids were so cute about it. They kept telling me I was amazing. :) Not the worst thing to hear from your kids.

  3. The fact you even attempted to make a costume earns you super bonus points in my book. They looked great!