Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 129...Frankenstein Puddings

Tonight we made a fun Frankenstein/Herman Munster Pudding cup. Super easy to do. I would suggest very small clear cups 4 oz or 6 oz.. Mine were 9oz and too big. It is a very rich dessert. Smaller cups would have been better. The kids had the idea to dye some of the pudding orange and make a pumpkin. I think you could even use jello to fill the cups. Just don't top with the crushed Oreos. The kids loved it. Thanks Pinterest for another cute idea!!

Use permanent marker to make your face on the outside.
Dye your pudding with food coloring.
Crunch up your Oreo cookies. I used two per cup but one on a smaller size would probably work.
Make your best Frankenstein Face!!
Enjoy your yummy Halloween/Fall dessert.


  1. Definitely fun with food. Just wish the containers had been smaller. Live and learn. :)