Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 128.. Flying Kites

Tonight we headed to the beach to fly kites. I love going in the off season because no one is there and we have the beach to ourselves. We weren't sure if we would have enough wind, but we did and had a great time.

I bought the kids these kites at Kroger's end of summer clearance for just $3 instead of $12! The kites were so pretty and Carson's did great tricks even though it was by far the hardest to fly with dual controllers. Sadly, it was the only kite that did not make it home. It took a few too many nosedives!!

Kite flying is a lot of work but I love the kids excitement at getting their kites in the air. Listening to Maddie shout " You can do it beauty, you can do it," was priceless. I also love that the kids have to learn to be patient for the wind, follow the rules, and be careful with their kite tails and strings. Each time we go, it seems to get a little easier and they seem to get a little more confident. Summer, Spring or Fall we give kite flying 2 thumbs way up!!

Makenna told me this poem tonight at the beach for how she remembers the right way to fly a kite: I thought it was pretty cute!!

If the wind is in your face
You're in the wrong place.
If the wind is at your back
You're on the right track.

Laughing at Maddie in the background of the video. I think she says it takes patience 3 or 4 times..LOL!!

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