Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 132... Sunday Waterfall Drive.

Today we took a fall Sunday drive up 64 East towards the Highlands in NC. It was a gorgeous day. We stopped at the waterfalls along the way. Our favorite being Dry Fall's that you can walk behind. We had a picnic lunch, and then stopped and bought the new Scotty Mcreery Cd. It was fun listening to a new CD all the way home. We had the windows down and blared the music so fun!! Love Scotty, love fall, love spending time in the mountains!! If you need a pick me up head to the mountains for a Fall Sunday Drive FUN!!

Who will be the winner?? Who can throw the furthest out into the lake??
Winner of the throw contest!!


  1. Great pics! I downloaded Scotty's CD off itunes last week. I think there are a few hits on it.

  2. Thanks .. I agree there are a few really good songs. Love the country one I see it being a hit.. :)

  3. The colors have really popped in a week. Gorgeous!

  4. Mom said the same thing Liz. She showed me a tree that was green the week you were here. It was almost completely red. Crazy what a difference a week makes.