Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 141... .QT

Today we were amazingly busy trying to clean our disaster of a house. I told the kids if they all helped without a ton of complaining I would take them to QT as the fun thing of the day. They helped for almost 2 hours so off we went.

My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE QT. I think it the fact that they get to pick it all out themselves. Pour a slushie, drink, or smoothie, then they get to decide if they want a Taquito, hot dog or corn dog. I love it because they have fun with it and it is so inexpensive.

Jack loves it so much that I have already started in with the news that QT is not an acceptable date place when he starts dating. I can see it now. Jack thinking that he is the man pulling into QT for a Suicide Slushie with his girlfriend on a first date. Not going to happen. At least if I can help it.

What I do know about the QT is that if someday when the kids are older and QT is still around my kids will be telling their kids how mama and daddy would take them there for a special treat every so often. Who knew the QT could be so much fun??

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