Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 139.... Disastrous Jigglers/ Backup Ghost Jug

Today I thought we would use some Halloween Jello molds that I have had forever and never used. I thought the Jigglers would be great in them. WRONG!!

The Jigglers would not come out of the mold. I tried warm water, nothing. Then I boiled water and sat the mold in. Suddenly they were melting!! UGG!! What a mess. Not happy with JELLO!!

The kids ate them anyway but I felt bad that they were so disastrous!! I think if I had done this years ago and the results were like this I would have had four crying kids. Thankfully today the kids were fine with it.

I moved on to a back up craft. I had been saving milk jugs hoping to make these ghosts so we did them real quick. Super easy just trace a face with sharpie and then fill in with black paint. Once dry cut a square out of the back and insert Christmas lights. They look cute and the kids love them. If at first you don't succeed try again on a different project.


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