Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 137 -- Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Party Fun

Two of our favorite fall traditions are Bradley's Pumpkin Patch and our friends The Howards annual Halloween Bash!! Today we got to do them both. Talk about FUN!!

Bradley's is a wonderful pumpkin patch in Dawsonville that was started by Bradley when he was just 5. I think he is now 20!! My kids have been going since they were in diapers and absolutely love it. We take a group of friends every year and make it a party. Bradley's dad tells wonderful stories to the kids on the hayride and Karen, his mom takes them on a nature walk. The kids run around on the farm, grind corn, visit the gift shop, eat boiled peanuts and have a blast.

We left Dawsonville and headed to Woodstock for a costume party. Our friends go all out every year decorating their house for their Halloween Bash. So much fun! Maddie even won best girl costume. Thanks Gene and Tiffany for a wonderful time!

Love this place!!

Carson with Brad Weaver.

The Greeneteam as Young Justice Superheroes.. Carson as Superboy, Makenna as Ms. Martian, Maddie as Artemis, and Jack as Robin.
Batman and Robin!! Too Cute!

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