Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 122... Paint Stick Scarecrows!!

Tonight we used paint sticks, felt, old jeans, and buttons to create scarecrows. I love the way they turned out. They were super easy to do. The kids cut out the clothes, we then hot glued them on and used markers to create the faces. I then hot glued some rafia to the scarecrows for the straw. Super easy, very cute and very inexpensive.

The paint sticks were free and the raffia was $2. I had the felt and we used old jeans and an old shirt of Maddies. The only problem I ran into was where to put them. I wanted to use them everywhere. I ended up going with the top picture. I put them in a couple of glass jars. I put a few black beans in the bottom to hold the sticks, tied some raffia around the jar edge and sat them on my welcome table in the entry. Cute!! The only thing missing is The Scarecrow parents.. John and I will have to work on that this weekend.

Ninja Scarecrows!! What can I say?? Boys will be boys!!

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