Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 133.. Thank You letters to the Troops

On the agenda for fun today was writing THANK YOU LETTERS to the U.S. service men and women over seas. Our home school group is participating in THE BIG THANK YOU project on THE BERT SHOW. The goal is to get over 400,000 letters sent overseas in time for Thanksgiving. Deadline for the project is October 28th so there is still time to participate if you want. Details can be found here:


  1. Great idea, Nan! We did some over 9/11 to our local fire/police. Big hit with the kids, big hit with the first responders. Always nice to let them know you're thinking about them...and appreciate them. Way to go, Greeneteam!

  2. Thanks Liz.. I hope they reach their goal and collect over 400,000 letters. :)