Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 246.... Daddy's Choice

Today is Johns 42nd Birthday. I told him it could be daddy's choice on the fun thing of the day. He chose a project with food. If you know him at all you know he loves to cook, bake and experiment with delicious foods. Tonight was no exception. 
We looked through my Pinterest files and found a yummy recipe for Home made Oatmeal Cream Pies!! Not something I would think to make as I usually just buy the $1.25 Little Debbie Box! We all love Oatmeal Cream pies so we thought why not?? 
The twins with their giant, semi-homemade treat!
Happy 42 baby John!! You are a great cookie maker!!

Here is the link to the recipe site http://bakedperfection.com  
John and I  cheated and made Betty Crockers Oatmeal Cookies. Thus the semi home made title.  John has been making Betty's cookies forever and they always turn out so great we didn't want to chance it on an unknown cookie.  Plus I hate buying all the ingredients. Sad.... I know but the less ingredients that I have to use the happier I am. We did the filling exactly like the recipe and it was delicious. 

The one thing I would say is that this is a very sweet snack. Smaller cookies would have been better. We made 18 large cookies so 9 Oatmeal pies. I think we should have done half the size. They are absolutely delicious and would be great for a potluck party. Not sure I will ever want to eat a Little Debbie Oatmeal pie again. 

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