Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 266... Pizza and Cake Batter Pancakes!!

Tomorrow is National Pancake day. I thought we would try a couple of  not so traditional pancakes  for fun. The first was a Pizza Pancake. Sounds so amazingly wonderful.. Sadly for me it still needs tweaking.. I think it could be good, maybe even great but the recipes we used today just didn't quite cut it. 

The kids thought they were delicious and gave them a 9 and were asking for more. I guess for me I want it to really have the pizza flavor and the gooyness. My favorite part about a pizza is the toppings. This recipe seemed to be about the bread. Once we get them tweaked I will be sure to send out the recipe. 
Kenna pouring her pizza pancake into the pan. 
Note to self... must make smaller. They should be silver dollar size for dipping, and not so much breading. Thin the batter. 
Jack was very happy with his and would have eaten more. 
Love the red white and blue on this cake batter pancake.. John and I think if we tweak the recipe it would make a great crepe recipe?? Hmmm the possibilities. 
We had no complaints from the peanut gallery on this sweet treat. 

 John said both of the recipes were solid but neither spectacular. Tweaking needs to be done in our opinions to make them yummy,  fabulous, and 10 make again!!  We love the ideas just not the overall product/taste. 


  1. I don't know. I'm skeptical. Are they sweet or savory? Hmmmm...I might wait for the perfected recipe. :-) Although, those are some happy looking faces!!

  2. The sweet pancakes (the cake batter) were sweet.. Just not quite right in my opinion.. The pizza were more of a savory. Just not yummy savory pizza quality.. I think you should definitely wait for the tweak.

    I am sure we will come up with something to make it perfect. We BOTH love the idea of the two different recipes. NOW, To just have them taste amazingly wonderful and so worth the calories..

    Feel free to experiment,tweak, and post. The idea is out there and it is a GREAT one. Now I just want to make it Oh so yummy!! I love when I get from the kids... 10 make again!! Both of these could definitely be that!!