Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 259... Yellow River Game Ranch

Today we decided to take advantage of Yellow River Game Ranches Dollar Deal for Presidents Day. It has been on my list of things to do with the kids for years but we have never tried it. It was beautiful today and the price was right so off we went. 
This picture makes me laugh.. When we got home Maddie said "Yellow River Game Ranch.. Like a Zoo only worse!! LOL!!
Maddie was the most excited about seeing all the animals. 
She was thrilled that the deer were so close!
Wish the black bear had been up and moving!!
The Peacocks were beautiful!!
My guys!!
These guys were big and so, so dirty!! 
It was a GREAT day for a walk and visiting the animals.
We love seeing Covered Bridges. 

We had a good time and it was worth $1 each to see the animals and get outside on a 

Would we go back?? Sadly, no! With an $8 admission fee I would rather buy a Zoo Atlanta pass and visit  the animals there for a year.  This place seemed run down, the animals dirty, and there was not a worker in site once you got pass the entry. The kids commented several times that they felt bad for the animals. Honestly John and I did too. A neat place but in my opinion in need of a lot of work and TLC!! 

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