Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 240... Milk Art

I found a super easy craft idea on Pinterest called Milk Art. I knew when I saw it that we would have to try it.  

This one was one of my favorites. Can you see the mans face??

The only craft supplies needed. Milk, food coloring and a toothpick. We used sectioned plates so that we could make 3 different projects without having to dump them.  Directions: Just cover the bottom of the plate with a small layer of milk. Add in one drop of food coloring at a time. Use toothpick to drag the color through the milk. 

Carson and Kenna working on their milk art!
This was Jacks first attempt. It was so pretty with the red/green.

Maddie swirling up her milk art. You drag the toothpick through the color and into the milk. Really cool!! Two light colors mixed with then a dark swirled through turned out great! 
Love how Makenna's plate turned out. 
Love how Maddies large spot turned out. So pretty especially the blue!!

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