Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 243... Living in Space Field Trip

We spent the afternoon at Gwinnett Environmental Center seeing the Space exhibit before it leaves in March. The kids had fun dressing as astronauts!!

Kenna trying out one of the space exhibits. She had to stack all the pins in a certain amount of time or it told her that she had failed her mission. She failed every time!! 
This was a roll up musical piano that the astronauts can take into space!! Pretty cool!!

John and the kids waiting for the space movie to begin!! Today it was a movie about the sun!!

                            Jack thought the erector set was pretty cool!!
Makenna using the mechanical arm to try to complete another mission!!

Carson hanging out at the space station!!

We had fun at the Living in Space exhibit. The E-Planetarium was a neat way to see a movie but I wouldn't exactly describe it as a planetarium show.  This exhibit is at GEHC until the end of February. FUN!! We may go back and see some of the other space movies!!  I love having a family membership here. They offer a lot of different activities and events. Most of the events are included as members!! Fun and affordable!!

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